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  • Unlike the stuff I do for free or even the sponsored projects, commissioned works will usually be designed for a relatively quicker turnaround; unless you, the commissioner, want additional tasks done. It’s your commission, you’re the boss.
  • There are certain genres that I will not translate.  I won’t mention them here in order to avoid any confusion about this being a pron site.  (Amazing how messed up the internets can be.)  Although, I am known to make exceptions for commissioners who have exhausted other options (scanslators) and are willing to pay the price.


  • Commissions will be accepted on a case by case basis.
    • Start by emailing me your request and providing me the raw file to review.
    • If I’m agreeable to the task, I will email you a quote.
    • If you’re agreeable to the quote and the terms herein, I will do my best to complete the task in the time quoted.
  • As the commissioner, you have the choice of paying upfront or not. Just note: As with Sponsored Projects, paying upfront means I will give your project top priority.
    • If you decide pay upfront: I will kneel down, kiss your ring, and swear an oath of loyalty to you, Oh Godfather. (LOL! Okay, maybe not, but you will have my deepest, most sincere gratitude!) I will also email you the zip or rar file (or a download link for large files) as soon as the translation is done.
    • If you decide not to pay upfront: Your project may get pushed aside by those who have paid upfront and… I won’t get to call you Godfather! (LOL!) However, in kind, I will notify you upon completion of the scanslation. Then, upon confirmation of payment, I will provide you the download link.
    • If you wish, you may also pay half upfront: When the project is complete, I will send you half of the work.  When final payment is received, I will send the other half, or if you prefer, the complete file.
  • Payments can be made via the PAYPAL.



  • Basic Translation and Editing:
    • Base rate: $1.50 per page.
    • Completion time estimate, based on 20 pages avg.: generally, approximately 4 to 5 nights. (I normally scanslate at night after my regular job!)
    • Price includes “general cleaning” of image: Basically, making sure blacks are blacks, whites are white, and any true gray tones are gray.
  • Translation Only:
    • Base rate: $1.25 per page.
    • Completion time estimate, based on 20 pages avg.: generally, approximately 2 to 4 nights.
  • Other factors that may affect time and price:
    • – Excessive text
    • – Floating text (text typed over art, sans balloons)
    • – Translation and editing of SFXs (an additional service)
    • – Any additional image improvement and correction of files


  • Full Editing of SFXs:
    • I am capable of doing full translation and editing of SFXs starting at an additional $1.25 per page. Price may vary depending upon the complexity and severity of the editing task.